The Cannabis Revolution©

Stephen Holt, MD, DSc

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The Cannabis Revolution is a thorough and timely overview of the medical, social and political aspects of cannabis use. Designed to guide healthcare professionals and those seeking alternative medical treatments, the author highlights the evolving use of cannabis as it moves toward legalization, and seeks to dispel historical misconceptions about its use.

An emeritus professor of medicine and founder of the Holt Institute of Medicine in New York, Dr. Stephen Holt examines in detail the therapeutic use of medical marijuana to treat diseases—a timely consideration as more states move to legalize its use for certain diseases, as well as for recreational use.

Holt thoroughly describes how cannabinoids—particularly tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in cannabis—are increasingly used to manage diseases and disorders, including anxiety, arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Type II diabetes, epilepsy and glaucoma, among others. Cannabis is also indicated in the relief of disease-related nausea, diminished appetite, chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Although he is a proponent of legalization, Holt makes clear the safety and addiction issues surrounding cannabis’s use. He points out contraindications for specific medical uses, and devotes an entire chapter to substance abuse, including by teens. Throughout, he takes a balanced, research-based approach to describe the chemical composition, history, politics/laws, religious aspects and future of cannabis and its consumption. He also includes 49 pages of medical references and URL links to support the science behind cannabis and its consumption.

Although the book is written with healthcare professionals in mind, The Cannabis Revolution will inform anyone looking for a serious discussion of the benefits and risks of cannabis use, with an emphasis on its potential medical benefits.

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