The Cancer Solution

Jack C. Westman, M.D., M.S.

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Personal experience with his wife’s cancer ordeal led Dr. Jack C. Westman to research and pen this terrifically clear-eyed and user-friendly guide explaining what stimulates cancer cells and how patients can take charge of their own destiny to prevent or control cancer’s growth and spread.

While not an oncologist, the author is a professor emeritus in psychiatry at a Wisconsin university and has written 12 professional and lay books. After his wife Nancy’s 34-year battle with the disease, he set out to research the most current information regarding what really works in cancer prevention and treatment. The resulting book is highly educational, yet written in a style that engages the reader rather than obfuscates as other books sometimes do.

The book offers a broad overview of various forms of cancer and is direct in discussing the pros and cons of conventional surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation in cancer treatment. It encourages patients and caregivers to take charge of medical record details and to incorporate into their lives exercise, specific dietary changes and nutritional therapies shown to prevent cancer and reverse its growth. For example, the author favors a calorie-restricted diet that limits carbohydrates but is filled with cruciferous vegetables. He also recommends the antioxidant supplement coenzyme Q10 and CELLFOOD health supplements, which both can improve cells’ metabolic functions.

Westman makes clear his great disappointment with the so-called war on cancer, which he believes wastes far too much money and time on cancer treatments while giving short shrift to prevention. His encouraging, skillfully written and surprisingly riveting guide instead shines a bright light on what can be done right this minute to start stemming the ravages of cancer. It is not just hopeful, but highly encouraging and a must-read book for all, even those still unaffected by a cancer diagnosis.

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