The Biography of Jesus Christ: The Eternal Lamb

Jeremiah O. Opusunju

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If the Bible is the bestselling book of all time, then Jesus of Nazareth must be the most written-about man who ever lived. Each year dozens of books are added to the thousands that already exist that examine his teaching and relevance in the modern world. In The Biography of Jesus Christ, author Jeremiah O. Opusunju looks to contribute to this body of scholarship that explores, not the historical Jesus, but the Jesus of scripture, looking at his lineage; what the prophets said about him; his ministry; how his death affected the law of Moses; and the mysterious signs found in the book of Revelation.

Although the book calls itself a biography, Opusunju’s 500+ page tome is really a work of Christian apologetics. The author does take us through the life of Jesus, but his primary message calls readers to repentance, pleading for humanity to give the world back to God by putting its collective focus on the divine. Further, his theological exploration is an attempt to unlock the secrets in sacred scripture that point to the time of Jesus’s Second Coming.

Opusunju is most effective discussing the role of the Old Testament prophets in foretelling the story of Christianity. For example, the author references the Jewish prophet Hosea a number of times, showing how what might seem like general statements on kingship and victory are fulfilled in the life of Jesus.

Unfortunately, despite Opusunju’s earnest work here, the book’s text has a number of problems, including strange syntax, incorrect words, and awkward phrasing (e.g., “Therefore, veiled in God at the right hand of the Father and sited on the throne of God, he now regulates the affairs of the universe.”) This makes the reading extremely tough-going.

With a thorough copyedit, Opusunju’s exploration of the life of Christ would have made interesting reading for church groups and armchair Bible scholars. As it stands, however, the challenging prose is likely to limit the book’s appeal.

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