The Baptism with the Holy Ghost

Ovit G. Pursley, Sr.

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In his passionately generated book, The Baptism with the Holy Ghost, Ovit G. Pursley, Sr. expresses his heartfelt desire for followers of God to understand the nature and work of the Holy Spirit.

The book has ten chapters and features fetching titles like, “Seven Steps to Holy Ghost Power.” Chapter eight is charming, in that it shares details from Pursley’s childhood, which was stained by poverty but filled with familial happiness and faith. He also shares his own experience with the Holy Spirit, which approached him as a “ball of light or fire,” and made him feel “as if you [sic] had 220 volts of electricity connected to me.”

Unfortunately, most of the rest of the content is chaotic, repetitive, and lacking transitional material. Several chapters begin with numerous biblical passages, which are randomly and inexplicably capitalized, bolded, or italicized and are not always connected to or clearly related to the author’s claims. His main points seem to be that there is a distinction between the indwelling and baptism of the Holy Spirit, that believers must seek the baptism, and that great power is associated with the experience.

Most notable are the numerous and significant grammatical, punctuation, spelling, typographical, and word usage errors that riddle the text, such as this sentence from chapter six: “When the Holy Spirit fall upon you, release yourself to Him and let Jim fill you with His power.” Also egregious are errors like these in a quotation from Acts 10:46: “For THEY IEARED THEM SPEAK WITH TONGUES, and magnify sod.”

Clearly Pursley has a strong, loving desire to share his experience with others, but his skill as a writer is evolving. He could benefit from the help of a talented editor to refine his work to its best possible form.

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