The Atonement of Jesus Christ

Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi

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In The Atonement of Jesus Christ, Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi, referencing both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, shares his understanding of what was accomplished by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He believes this message, intended for “worldly people,” is “for their salvation” because the end of the world is near. Furthermore, he is “trying to lead people to God.”

The author, a medical doctor, explains that we are living in the last dispensation (called “the fullness of time”) and that Jesus Christ gave the prophet, Joseph Smith, the understanding of “the establishment of mercy to ameliorate the pain of justice” through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is called the atonement. He also gave Smith “the power to lay the foundation” of “the only true and living church upon the face of the earth.”

Kissi posits that God planned man’s existence in three “estates”: first, preexisting eternally; second, having a mortal body in order to have “the fullness of joy”; and third, having immortality—eternal life. Believing or not in the atonement of Jesus Christ determines where one will spend his or her eternal life.

The author appears knowledgeable and passionate about his subject matter. However, the book suffers from several issues. The use of business jargon – “project,” “program,” “the deal,” etc. – can sometimes be jarring in a faith-based book. Also disorienting is this abrupt statement in the middle of Chapter 4: “Following the foregoing introductory remarks,” the author writes, “we now come to the raison d’etre, or the main body, of this presentation.” This seems to indicate that the previous material was an Introduction, although not labeled as such. Additionally, the 14 appendices make up approximately half of the total page count.

Kissi’s target audience seems to be those already interested in the Mormon religion. As such, it may provide a useful introduction to the faith, despite the issues cited above.

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