The Archaeologist Reborn

Thomas E. Martin

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Set in 2057, The Archaeologist Reborn is the story of an adventurous archaeologist and his dream to explore the planet Mars.

After nearly driving off a cliff on a mountain trip in North Carolina, only to encounter an alien spacecraft, Professor John Cayman becomes ever intent on convincing the government to approve a mission to explore Mars to find out why the aliens were on Earth and why he and his wife Winona were spared from certain death.

The narrative thread moves along effectively as characters begin to converge. The pace quickens as clues of alien life and the surprising discovery of a human skull on an earlier probe of Mars propel the archaeologist and his team of explorers to hasten their journey to Mars. Upon reaching their destination, Cayman encounters the leaders of a Martian dome city who appear more human than alien. Could this advanced and harmonious civilization have originated from Earth in biblical times? Could they have found an inter-dimensional opening to travel to Mars in order to escape the Great Flood?

While exploring the Martian landscape, Cayman narrowly survives an attack by a terrifying animal creature, a Megalosaur, and through the ordeal experiences a rebirth of the heart and mind.

In this entertaining and easy-to-read tale, author Thomas E. Martin has created a delicious and absorbing sci-fi adventure to suit the tastes of all ages. The author’s description of time travel and teleporting is expressed in a simplified and comprehensible manner for the lay reader. Despite some jagged transitioning from one scene to the other and a muddling shifting of the first person narrative from one character to another, the tale is, in the end, a rewarding read for both lovers of mystery and science fiction.

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