The American Healing Guide: Part 1

George Charles Anter

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 622 Price: (paperback) $19.99 ISBN: 9781984536648 Reviewed: February, 2020 Author Website: Visit »

“HI MY NAME is George Charles Anter and I am the actual messiah.“ So begins The American Healing Guide, a 622-page metaphysical manifesto that provides “the first installation of the 5th Dimensional Map of the Divine Mind.”

Anter begins with a short explanation of his spiritual awakening, a journey that began at age 27, when he heard God’s voice. He later came to believe that the Almighty was revealing that Anter was, in fact, God. The author realizes that the claim can be difficult to digest but asks: “[B]efore you try to judge Charlie the Messiah just read the whole thing so you don’t waste anybody’s time.”

What follows are thousands of maxims—what the author calls “thoughtforms—of spiritual insights that look to reveal “the true divine basis of every Soul’s Mind because everyone is connected eternally to the Messiah.” These aphorisms range from the sublime (“God Is Bringing You To Your Eternal Divine Nature so you can always experience heaven on earth forever”); to the eccentric (“Charlie The Messiah Is The Highest Priest Ever Ordained By God And He Is Way Smarter Now than before”); to the outlandish (“Without Bonnie Tyler and the song ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ there would have never been a Messiah”).

Written in a stream-of-consciousness style, many of the sayings will feel familiar to those who practice Reiki, Christian Science, or New Thought, since Anter often contends that the proper use of Godly energy can lead to physical, mental, and spiritual healing. But Anter’s thoughtforms are often difficult to understand for two reasons: his awkward sentence structure and his often-peculiar claims, e.g. “We Automatically See Everything Naturally Through God’s intelligence Divinely In Eternity Forever Right”; or, “Without Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze And The Movie Dirty Dancing There Would Have Been No Christ.”

The author appears to be in earnest, but most readers will find it difficult to believe Anter’s claim that he is Jesus Christ, let alone persevere through such abstruse writing.

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