The Adventures of Muffin and Alexander: Off to School

Dr. Barbara Levandowski

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The Adventures of Muffin and Alexander: Off to School is a back-to-school-inspired picture book starring two cute and curious kittens. They are perfect stand-ins for preschoolers wondering what school is all about.

Our heroes, Muffin and Alexander, are brother and sister kittens. They’re furry, friendly and curious about everything. While the children in the home where they live – Nova Lee, Abby, Parker and Benjamin — get ready for the first day of school, the kittens snuggle into Nova Lee and Abby’s backpacks and inadvertently join them on their first day of school by hitching a ride.

The children — and kittens — find themselves in different classrooms. And as the children stand in front of their separate classes and tell stories of their summer adventures, Muffin and then Alexander poke their noses out of their hiding places. Everyone is enchanted by the surprise guests, and soon the kittens are hunting for delicious treats, playing with everyone’s shoelaces, hiding in boxes of scrap paper, tormenting the classroom fish, and searching for creative places to hide and new balls to chase. Both kittens make fast friends with the children’s new teachers. Before we know it, they are catnapping in places of honor: Muffin in her teacher’s arms and Alexander on his teacher’s chair. It’s clear what the kittens have learned: school is a fun place to spend the day.

Dr. Barbara Levandowski has written an entertaining and soothing adventure for youngsters nervous and anxious about the first day of school. Children will be comforted to know that school is a friendly home-away-from-home filled with warmth and potential new friendships. Simple vocabulary and lively illustrations by Frank A. Lowe bring the story to life and make this a welcome addition to the “First Day of School” shelf.

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