Taylor’s No-Sew Doll Clothes Patterns: Volume 1

Christine Curry Taylor

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 135 Price: (paperback) $39.88 ISBN: 9781466933262 Reviewed: November, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

If miniature evening dresses and lace-trimmed skirts get your heart racing, this is the book for you. The author created this loving, colorful, 8-1/2- x 11 book of 25 glue-together outfits after doing projects with her granddaughter, Taylor. Even the craft-averse doll lover can follow these thorough instructions for creating clothes for a Barbie-sized doll.

The author recommends using fleece, selected knits and other specific fabrics that are washable, easy to work with, bond with felt glue and resist fraying or running. From a clown costume to a cheerleader outfit, bathing suit to pants suit, Taylor doesn’t just provide the pattern to trace on the fabric, but also identifies specific decoration (“three green pom-poms” or “stretch black lace with rhinestones”) that will distinguish the final project from just a couple pieces of fabric joined together.

She offers abundant practical tips as well, such as: “Do not use the same scissors for cutting fabric that is used for cutting paper, [which] dulls the blade.” Instructions are so specific they even detail how long to let the glue set before you move on to the next step. Large color photos of dolls wearing every outfit show the finished products, divided into spring, summer, fall and winter collections. (Printing each section on a different colored paper was a nice touch.)

No one is going to mistake glued-together clothing for couture, but home-made clothes offer kids a nice alternative from the same old store clothes their friends’ dolls are wearing, and may stimulate new play-date ideas (see p. 65: lab coat).

“It’s important for children to visit fabric and craft stores to help pick out fabrics, colors, trim and accessories…it stimulates their creative process,” advises Taylor. Bring on the tiny rhinestone chains and get ready to glue!

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