Take Off and Fly in Your Business

N. Nompumelelo Tobo Thabede

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This book, by an author who lives in South Africa, offers elementary, practical advice for entrepreneurs and small businesspeople.

Each chapter begins with a letter of the alphabet, which corresponds with the title of the chapter, for example, “Chapter N: Negotiate Neatly and Effectively.” These alphabetized chapters, no more than five or six paragraphs in length, each contain an affirmation or instruction oriented toward an essential skill or attitude required of effective business leaders. The author discusses such entrepreneurial basics as forming a vision for your business, marketing your products or services, and creating a competent, trustworthy team.

The author concentrates particularly on the attitudinal and interpersonal aspects of entrepreneurship, such as perseverance in challenging times and a commitment to life-long learning. This book is not an MBA-level tome discussing the technical challenges of today’s large, global enterprises. It is a motivational work for people, young or old, who are perhaps just beginning to think about starting a new business.

Most of the examples the author cites are from the world of small, retail businesses where owners have close contact with customers, such as retail gas stations or in the funeral home where the author worked as a part of a family business. Although oriented mainly toward small businesses, any leader of almost any type of organization might benefit from the author’s straightforward, heart-centered wisdom.

Despite some small lapses in spelling and usage, the book is reasonably well written, presented in a readable, conversational style. The author’s is a positive, affirming voice. She takes the tone of an experienced, maternal figure offering nuggets from a treasure trove of knowledge earned in both failure and success. Take Off and Fly in Your Business could find a particularly strong audience in developing countries, possibly among women who are first-time business owners.

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