Suffragist Hellraiser

Sharon Margolis

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Suffragist Hellraiser is a romantic suspense page-turner set against the backdrop of the suffragist movement in California in the early 1900’s.

Unconventional and fiery suffragist Kate Moore moves back to her small hometown, making big waves with her radical feminist ideas. As she promotes her cause and investigates the strange circumstances surrounding her father’s death, she earns some enemies; not the least important is the good-looking police chief. But sparks begin to fly when Kate realizes the police chief ultimately wants to help her in her endeavors.

Author Sharon Margolis writes with fluidity, crafting imagery effortlessly and setting a pace that never slows. Her characters come to life from the page as she weaves a story that interests from beginning to end.

As a romance, this book succeeds in building drama through the hate vs. love, push-and-pull scenario between Kate and the police chief. The tension crafted between the two is palpable in dialogue, as well as between the sheets. Likewise, the mystery of her father’s death carefully unfolds and blends seamlessly into the story. Clues and characters are built up to keep readers guessing until the end. The romantic line of the novel, however, often overshadows this narrative, so that at times it feels as if the plot is just a backstory to the romantic tension of the main characters.

While the story is detailed and falls into place like a puzzle, one incongruent misfortune concerns the personality of the heroine. Despite being a fiery feminist, Kate ultimately falls for a man who is constantly patronizing her. She melts at his overtly dominant, dismissive, and manhandling in ways that feel contrary to her character’s personality.

Despite it’s few flaws, Margolis has crafted a romance novel that is hard to put down. A natural writer, her skillful way with words, character development and plot has delivered a romance that will not disappoint.

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Recommended for fans of Nora Roberts, Stephanie St. James, and Hannah Howell.

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