Stealth Health: Take Back Your Power and Unravel the Mystery of You

Dr. Nancy Trimboli

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Based on decades as a successful chiropractor, Dr. Nancy Trimboli offers her perspective on the medical/pharmaceutical/insurance industry—what she calls “The System,” suggesting traditional medicine is not the sole road to wellness.

The author acknowledges that medications and surgery are sometimes necessary and doesn’t fault medical doctors, who are “forced” into compliance with conventional medical practice via training and the current medical economics system. Using patient case stories and quotes, however, Trimboli focuses on how the medical system over-relies on medications and surgery to the detriment of patients’ health, including her own as she suffered longtime gastrointestinal problems related to antibiotics.

For example, she notes that taking statins to lower cholesterol reduces the fatty myelin surrounding the brain’s thinking area and asks: “is The System purposefully depleting us of our normal human urges in order to keep us contained, blindly following nonsensical directives?” And she questions why aspirin is routinely recommended to help avoid second heart attacks, despite recent studies indicating it increases the risk of stomach bleeding.

Trimboli suggests readers approach personal health with the “stealth” of fictional spy Jason Bourne, who goes undercover to learn about himself. They should consider advice found outside the doctor’s office, like soaking raisins in gin for osteoarthritis or avoiding tomatoes for sinusitis. Finding practitioners open to alternative healthcare modalities is also key. Trimboli then provides 12 steps to help readers focus on wellness choices, including stress relief, nutrition and chiropractic solutions.

The book is well written in an often-humorous tone. (She recalls that the “gremlin” that lived inside her gut made noises that sounded like it was moving furniture.) Personal and patient anecdotes are believable and relatable, such as the woman with Multiple Sclerosis who benefitted from the author’s chiropractic adjustments.

Readers who distrust the current medical/pharmaceutical/insurance establishment will discover plenty to agree with in Stealth Health. And anyone seeking to improve his/her health will find this an engaging roadmap to holistic, complementary changes that can help.

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