Spiritual Wisdom

Ramesh Malhotra

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What began as author Ramesh Malhotra’s personal spiritual journey evolved into a comprehensive, years-long investigation into the “secrets of eternal wisdom”: the hidden, spiritual knowledge contained within the Bhagavad Gita and other holy scriptures from civilizations around the world and across time.

Spiritual Wisdom is the result, and it is nothing less than a modern-day sacred text that skillfully guides readers through understanding and attainment of eternal principles of spiritual wisdom. Simultaneously, and complementarily, the author documents the spiritual evolutionary process, both from a historical perspective and as a body of knowledge.

“The process of spiritual evolution starts with humanity cultivating a quest to know the Creator,” Malhotra states, and then identifies four distinct categories and stages of spiritual development: mythological wisdom (the origins of faith), inspirational wisdom, transcendental wisdom, and ultimately, Absolute Truth: “the union of individual living spirit with the eternal soul.” Each stage contains both “lower and higher” spiritual knowledge according to the Vedas. Lower knowledge contains five main elements: faith, covenants, dogma, omnipotence, and encirclement; the five higher knowledge elements are primordial force, living force, living spirit, the Trinity, and tranquility.

Although this book is not light reading, Malhotra has done the heavy lifting for readers in distilling the complexities of these and other spiritual stages and elements, as well as the barriers to attaining them, into clear and concise language and signposts.

As with any investigation into sacred writings, there are layers of truth to be gleaned, and the unfolding of realization is subjective and progressive and can take years to come to fruition. Humanity has come a long way toward knowing the truth, says Malhotra, but “the unveiling has just begun and it has millions of years to go.”

Spiritual Wisdom is a significant resource for navigating the long road ahead.

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