Spirit Led Through China, Russia, India, Africa and Pakistan

Adelbert Hubert

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Spirit Led is the account of Adelbert Hubert’s life and ministries. He describes the book as “not exaggerated memories, but unvarnished personal experiences of how the Holy Spirit did lead me and other Christian volunteers into enemy territory, bringing his light into the darkness.”

The book begins in the early 1960s, when Hubert spent two years working with aboriginal tribes in Australia, his homeland. He was not yet a Christian, but the lessons he learned equipped him for ministry.

A timeline jump follows the outback adventures. Hubert marries, has four children, attends Bible college in 1975, and launches his first ministry trip with a few other men eight years later. Spirit Led then focuses on Hubert’s travels to China several times between 1983 and 1996, bringing in literature and Bibles and illegally sharing the “good news” of Jesus in public. His team never hid the fact that they were bringing Bibles; when customs checked, the books were confiscated—but more often, the team was successful in bringing in and sharing Christian material, even when scrutinized by local security.

The last 35 pages are devoted to mission trips made into Russia, Burma, Africa, and Pakistan.

Spirit Led shares a powerful message, but the book is marred by an unpolished presentation. It lacks a table of contents, and oddly, an internal page labeled “Section 2, Book 1” occurs between chapters 11 and 12, although there’s no clear reason for a break and no “Section 1” page. The text includes myriad wrong words (e.g., “worriers” vs. “warriors”; “were” vs. “where”; “of” vs. “off” and so on) ), run-on and awkward sentences, tense issues, and comma and capitalization mistakes that make the book  challenging to read.

Still, this is a sincere, first-person account that may appeal, despite its reading obstacles, to those interested in how the author brought the gospel into China in the ‘80s and ‘90s or considering missions of their own.

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