Sons of Light

Mary Bogin

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A blend of apocalyptic fiction and spiritually powered science fiction, Sons of Light has the potential to be a highly entertaining and profoundly moving read. Its premise is undeniably powerful and the story gains some real traction as the novel progresses.

The narrative, however, has a decidedly unfinished and unpolished feel to it. Grammatical errors abound, and the writing is undisciplined throughout. In addition, the novel has an almost complete lack of focus on the essential narrative element of world building.

Good world building — especially in apocalyptic fiction — enriches and expands character development and intensifies the novel’s plot and overall atmospherics; when it’s lacking, the reading experience is significantly diminished. In this case, while the story is set on a near-future Earth that has been devastated by cataclysmic earthquakes, it is conspicuously missing any jaw-dropping imagery and/or detailed backstory.

Essentially a grand-scale science-fiction reinterpretation of the Last Judgment from Christian theology, the story begins in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Gap and follows a couple and their son as they try to complete a mission that will free millions of people from the evil influence of the planet’s new overlords. When the couple’s son is chosen by Shaddai to lead His warriors against the dark forces of Azazel, the pieces are set in motion for a conflict that will, for better or worse, reveal humankind’s ultimate destiny.

Bogin’s story posits that we are all on a spiritual journey and our time on Earth is just the beginning of this passage. Those who live principled lives ascend to higher, ethereal planes of consciousness, which are depicted here as planets in different dimensions. Readers looking for deeply spiritual science fiction à la Sharon Shinn’s Samaria saga (Archangel, et. al.) may find enlightenment in this thought-provoking premise, in spite of the book’s flaws.

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