Song of the Seasons

Willi Fischer Jed

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This fanciful tale is prompted by a young boy’s query to his mother at bedtime. He wants to know how to tell the different seasons from each other. Willi Fischer Jed proceeds to relate in rhyme the unique characteristics of the four seasons as told by his loving mother. Jed’s simple rhyme scheme appeals to the ear and will help children remember the important traits of each season.

Spring brings gentle rain and soft green grass perfect for dancing fairies. “They ask their Mommies, ‘Is it time/ To go outdoors and sing?/ Is it time to dance and play/ And make a Fairy Ring?” Fairy rings are circles of mushrooms that pop up where the fairies have danced, a sign that they have been there

Summer is all about the sea, when “all the icebergs melt.” It is about the eddies and bays and the creatures who populate the ocean. Writes Jed of the water: “She kisses tiny caves/ Made by sand crabs — oh! look there/ a small and greeny turtle!/ (Perhaps her mother, liking green,/ Gave her the name of Myrtle.)

Fall features the activities of the field mice, who scurry to gather food for the coming winter. But whenever they can, they play outside with falling leaves and running streams and admire the beauty of fall’s golden colors. Finally, winter is about the winds, especially the North wind, which brings the cold and the snow.

With his question answered, the boy drifts off to sleep with pleasant dreams.

Jed’s rhymes flow like a song and the book features original, fanciful, childlike ink drawings filled with pastel colors executed by the author and Sally McGregor Grammar that enhance and support the story. Her book will attract the attention of young listeners (5-8 years), especially those who love nature and being outdoors. Independent readers (8-10 years) will enjoy reading the story aloud to parents and younger siblings.

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