Something Made of Dreams

Ryan Litster

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 373 Price: (paperback) $16.99 ISBN: 9781426925450 Reviewed: November, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

At a time when frank sexuality has stolen the spotlight, Something Made of Dreams is a refreshingly sweet, if uneven, supernatural romance novel about true love and fate.

Rice is a 20-something Canadian making his way through the world after Carol, the love of his life, files for divorce. Luckily for Rice, a solid support system steps in to catch him. His parents dote; his best friend gets him drunk—even his ex-wife’s parents lend a helping hand. Luckily as well, the men in Rice’s family share an unusual trait: dreaming about their soul mates before they ever meet. To this end, it isn’t long before Rice begins to dream about a stunning woman in a sunny café—and though this woman barely interacts with Rice, he wakes up every morning wishing she were real.

Innocent, earnest, and endearingly romantic, Rice is not a difficult protagonist to share the page with. Oddly, though, he is the only character who does not whole-heartedly believe that his dream woman is real and destined to find him. While interesting, this fact is unfortunately one of the book’s main failings, since it’s hard to suspend disbelief when your narrator refuses to.

There are a number of other hard-to-swallow elements, including the unrivaled hospitality of his in-laws: not only do they help Rice find a realtor for his house, they also draft a divorce lawyer so that their daughter will get as little money as possible. Rather than action on Rice’s part, it’s these unwarranted kindnesses, and a number of exceptional coincidences, that drive the plot forward.

Still, readers seeking safe escapism will enjoy faithful descriptions of Italy, comfortable family relationships, and the happy, if predictable, turns of fate.

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