Society: The Invisible Giant

Warren K. Eister

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In Society: The Invisible Giant, Warren K. Eister, a former engineer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, offers a look at the structures and dynamics of society as they relate to the various organizational frameworks we all fit in, with the “Invisible Giant” of society being the over-arching blanket of humanity. As he describes his book’s purpose on the back of this slim volume, it is to provide “a snapshot of the very dynamic (sic) complex society now serving the world’s projected ten billion human beings with strong (sic) inherited (sic) individual desires for life and happiness.”

Although Eister claims that his work “provides a frame of reference for all other books, both written and to be written,” his work falls far from that mark: the writing is less than clear; his paragraphs are short and disjointed, and he has a proclivity for putting terms in bold type (sometimes more than two or three in a single sentence) for no discernable reason. The charts he includes within the work are sometimes hard to decipher and in one case, hand-drawn and poorly reproduced.

In addition, he concludes each chapter with a number of questions that are answered in the back of the book. These questions, varying from the very simplistic (i.e. “Who initiated the author’s interest in society?”) to the far more complicated (“How is economics defined?”) do much to shift the potential of the work from an intellectual treatise to a far more garbled primer in sociology.

As the work stands currently, it does little to offer frameworks or guidance for either the student (one of his apparent target audiences) or the interested lay reader.

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