Should Christians Prosper?

James H. Hooks

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Over the last 150 years as American prosperity has risen, many Christians have tried to reconcile their faith with the obtainment of wealth. Isn’t money supposed to be the root of all evil? Shouldn’t we live humbly? If so, does that mean I shouldn’t try to earn a lot of money?

Many of these questions and tensions gave rise to the New Thought and self-help movements of the 20th century. Authors like Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, and Ernest Holmes wrote many books and pamphlets defending mankind’s collective right to be rich. In recent times, mega-church pastor Joel Osteen has championed this idea too. Still, many have trouble accepting the idea that God wants us to be rich.

James H. Hooks’ Should Christians Prosper continues in the tradition of many of those writers, here from a strictly Christian point-of-view, making the case that God is an abundant God, the source of unlimited supply. God wants his creation and his people to do well, Hooks argues, so they, in turn, can do well for others.

In informative and motivating chapters, the author looks at many of the misconceptions Christians have about money, the limits we put on ourselves, the distinction between worldliness and prosperity, the importance and fruits of tithing, and so on. All in all, the author is reminding us that our jobs, governments and families aren’t the source of our money or security, God is.

While there isn’t much new here, Hooks’ book is an enjoyable read. His writings on forgiveness and abundance are thoughtful and comforting; his tone is inspiring and the book is informative, with action plans to help readers adjust their thinking. However, the text is in need of better copyediting to correct the many grammatical mistakes and hone the book’s syntax.

Despite such issues, Hooks’ book serves as a faithful reminder to put God first in all things; when you do your world blossoms.

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