Seven Universal Principles and the Seventh Sense: A New Paradigm of Future’s Medicine

Dr. Nader Butto

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Dr. Nader Butto is not the first person to search for a universal theory. No less than physics giants Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Michio Kaku have pondered the question throughout the decades. What separates Butto from these physicists is his premise that the Universal Unifiying Theory (a term coined by Butto) is the answer to modern medicine’s questions.

Seven Universal Principles and the Seventh Sense: A New Paradigm of Future’s Medicine is a scholarly work that aims to use science as well as core principles of major world religions and spiritual philosophies to promote a 360-degree healing methodology. Butto has used these concepts with patients in his specialty, cardiology, as well as with those suffering from ailments as diverse as abdominal pain and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

The author has obviously done his homework and refers to heavyweights in all of his major research areas. These would carry more import, however, with better attribution and reference to the actual books or papers quoted. In addition, some of the research is culled from controversial concepts, including the Orgone accumulator and Kirlian photography, that don’t necessarily mesh with conventional science.

While an admirable effort overall, the book tends more to the rambling side and although some segments of the text are well crafted, Butto’s overarching discussion can be hard to follow. A strong outline providing a framework for the author’s thoughts would have allowed him to expand his thesis in a more orderly fashion. Additionally, a handful of proofreading errors are mildly distracting.

Those interested in alternative healing principles will find this a wide-ranging introduction, and readers who need a base understanding of physics and spirituality to understand Butto’s application of various studies will learn the necessary background here. The book also includes mathematics and charts that are easily accessible to anyone with basic algebra knowledge. However, the overall organization issues erect obstacles some readers may find difficult to overcome.

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