Secrets to Reaching Your Destiny

Salay H. Kekula

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In Secrets to Reaching Your Destiny, author Salay H. Kekula offers a series of reflections and insights on how to eliminate fear and live from a place of love, security and confidence. How do we achieve this? Not through our own intellect or accomplishments, the author argues, but by placing complete trust in God. Doing so allows an individual to experience what it means to be truly human.

Kekula notes that powerful transformation can be achieved by inviting God to work wonders inside you. As the author writes, “You must grow to a level where you do not need anything on the outside of you to make you feel good about yourself.” The journey to your destiny is, in essence, an inner journey directed by divine power.

Using Bible quotations and the author’s own homespun wisdom, Kekula focuses attention on major challenges we all experience, including rejection, criticism, isolation, spiritual deficits, and fear. The author’s advice is easily digested, presented in bite-size paragraphs with headers such as “God will give you double for your trouble,” “Maintain your position in the midst of oppositions” and “Commitment is essential for fulfillment of your vision.” Stressing the need for diligence and maintaining a positive attitude, Kekula’s words are often inspiring.

Although these messages resonate with authenticity, however, awkward phrasing, loose grammar and repetition often mar the writing itself. For example: “Now that we have been separated and made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, we are now the sons of God with rights and previleges [sic] (2 Corinthians 5.21). Since you have no more excuses to why you could not fulfil [sic] your destiny, get up and fulfil [sic] all your dreams in Jesus [sic] name Amen.” Such convolutions and grammar missteps obstruct meaning and flow.

Despite the need for serious copyediting, there is something inspiring in Kekula’s guidance. The book is flawed, certainly, but the author’s motivational tone has the power to inspire.

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