Secrets to Emotional Wealth

Simon Casey

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In Secrets to Emotional Wealth, a psychotherapist certified in treating addiction and eating disorders and in offering biofeedback and forensic mental health delivers an olio of introductions and approaches to treatments that help facilitate better mental health, personal growth and empowerment.

Known as “Dr. Emo” on Twitter, Simon Casey is the creator of Emotional Mastery, an integration of science, psychology and experience that enables people to connect with their emotions on a deep level. He employs a wide array of therapeutic means, ranging from emotional intelligence practices to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to Psych-K, a “user-friendly” way to rewrite the “software” of the mind to change the “printout” of one’s life. His aim is to use any one or combination of therapies and techniques necessary to help readers imagine a life without regrets, learn to de-stress, and achieve their goals with increased confidence, self-worth, and purpose.

With examples and anecdotes from real life, self-evaluation tools and an emphasis on connecting the physical body with the spiritual one, Casey’s book radiates an encouraging “you can do it” spirit in its short, pithy chapters, even as it deals with–and makes suggestions for erasing—fear, sadness, hurt, anger, guilt, depression, resentment and shame.

Casey traverses some familiar self-help territory in a straight-forward manner, and while his book leans toward a superficial rather than in-depth look at specific modalities, it also introduces readers to a number of therapies–traditional and non-traditional–that they might find very helpful and supportive. The book will find a likely audience among the fans of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff author Richard Carlson’s numerous titles, or even Dr. Albert Ellis’ cognitive therapy classics.

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