Secrets of Colours

Ernesto Zollo

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Ernesto Zollo, artist, art tutor and color psychic, asks his readers this: “Why don’t you color your mind today?” For those up for the challenge, the author vividly describes the scientific, practical and intuitive powers of color, offering meditations, affirmations, and exercises to enable readers to harness its full-spectrum energy.

The author opens with a quiz to determine which color is most connected to a reader’s personal vibration. Each of the seven colors of a prism (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) is vibrantly presented on its own page. As Zollo explains, “Each color responds to the human energy put into producing the specific color.” Red, for example, is mostly favored by males; its energies are strength, warmth, determination, aggression and sex. Yellow is opted for by sanguine personalities, because it has the energy of happiness and reflects love for humanity.

Practical suggestions, such as how to turn moods around through color, or choosing the right color for a particular room in your house, are plentiful. Zollo also devotes a chapter to the power of color in gems. Purple amethyst can help control addictions; blue opal encourages communication, and yellow citrine increases self confidence.

Although information is plentiful and Zollo’s psychic connection to color is undeniable, the book sometimes feels disorganized. Under the chapter titled “Universal Life Force Energies,” for instance, Zollo swings from subjects as diverse as color’s relationship to time, the moon, and fear, to how it affects our subconscious, as well as our actions. That’s a lot to follow, especially since esoteric material often requires a step-by-step approach to avoid mental overload.

That said, Zollo’s book is definitely worth the read, especially for artists and lovers of art who appreciate the beauty of color and the ways it enhances our lives, as well as for those students who are on a journey to understand how color affects Universal energy.

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