Sacred Relationships: Psychology for the Soul

Dr. Kate Pola Brooks

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Dr. Kate Pola Brooks has traveled the world looking for ways to help people heal themselves through understanding of soul-based relationships.

Believing that “the most primordial and functional piece of each life, and our collective life, is Relationship,” Brooks asserts that our goal is to realize that all relationships are significant, whether as stumbling blocks or paths forward. This guides us toward re-creation of the self, the essence of which is the “zero point,” at which we can start life anew.

Ideally, equality in relationships is achieved when we love others and ourselves, engaging in “healthy thought processes” that “free us to Be.” Our barriers to soul-enlivened relationships include our attraction to negative personalities and our help-denying tendencies, acquired from earlier experiences. But, Brooks assures us, there are Helpers, divinely ordained souls, available to assist us along the way. Concepts unique to Brook’s methodology include the development of the “quantum (whole and holy) self “ and the ideal of continuous, daily awakening “as if to a new and renewed life.”

The author’s teaching is forthright and positive. Though possessing academic credentials (a degree in Naturopathics, among other qualifications), her prose is emotive, not scholarly, as befits someone whose self-led study on four continents has shaped her practice. In contrast to the spiritual, imaginative language, the graphics are jarringly uninspired; one expects something that blends better with the book’s creative message.

Overall, though, Brooks has wide-ranging knowledge to share and presents it in an intuitive manner appropriate to the material. The author’s vision of spiritual relationship building will appeal to those who, mistrustful of purely outer-directed approaches to personal psychology, wish to explore the inner landscape.

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