Romantic and Sexual Satisfaction in Marriage

Rev. Col. Adeniran Gbolagade Jacob and Rev. Dr. Adeniran Rosita Talatu

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In this slim volume, Nigerian husband and wife, Reverends Gbolagade Jacob and Rosita Talatu Adeniran, offer a Christian perspective on why sexually healthy marriages are important for both marital cohesiveness and societal enrichment.

This book provides reassurance for those who are unsure if sex, even marital sex, is an act that fits into a pious lifestyle in accordance with God’s will. The Adenirans offer substantive evidence from the Bible to show that God is “pro-sex,” such as Proverbs 5:18-19: “Take pleasure in the wife of your youth…let her breast always satisfy you; be lost in her love forever.”

The Adenirans also give practical recommendations regarding basic sexual satisfaction, such as adequate foreplay and accounting for stressors that may impact sexual desire. They advise readers on maintaining open communication when sexual issues arise and on seeking the help of professionals when a problem is not easily solvable.

Some of the opinions proffered by the Adenirans run counter to a modern Western perspective, such as the idea that a wife should forgive her husband for knowingly infecting her with HIV because “it is not the worst situation that could occur in a marital relationship.” Or the list of “facts” the Adenirans present on gender differences, including “men want action” and need “visual stimulation,” whereas women “want sex less frequently” and “need more foreplay.”  Perpetuating such gender stereotypes is harmful towards couples who have unique needs that may not fit into the Adenirans’ paradigm.

As a practical guide, this book skims the surface of a complex topic and includes significant cultural bias. The writing is awkward at times and includes minor grammatical errors, such as the misuse of prepositions. However, the Adenirans successfully present a faith-based framework for encouraging sexual satisfaction within a marital context, one that might be useful for some Christian readers.

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