Revisited Feelings: From a Concealed Past

Kateisha Shekila Minors

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This romance novel follows the lives of two women and their respective relationship entanglements.

Kymberley Dawson is the owner of a London interior design/event planning business. Her best friend and employee Felicia is having a meltdown over her husband of 15 years, whom she suspects of fathering a baby with another woman. When he deploys to Afghanistan, Felicia finally decides to forgive him, but fate gets in the way.

Kym has her own issues when her boyfriend Jim turns out to be far from the man she thinks he is. But this is a romance, after all, and when she meets a man from her past, well, the ending is a foregone conclusion.

The book has the requisite elements of this genre: soft-core sex, lies, betrayals, but the author has been watching too many soap operas. Characters disappear and reappear; important details are glossed over or explained away. But unlike the soaps, author Kateisha Shekila Minors never connects with her reader; there’s just too many technical and plot distractions.

For starters, she should eliminate the overuse of the f-word, which is neither sexy nor romantic. Then, she needs to flesh out the superficial nature of her story and rethink incredulous plot elements. A character who has suffered tremendous physical and mental distress, and has permanent injuries, isn’t likely to just go about his business. Nor is an adoption agency likely to perpetuate fraud just to be helpful.

The author has a certain innate talent for this genre – she has a voice and the story has pace – but her work needs much polishing. The author states in her introduction that she has always dreamed of being a famous writer and goes so far as to tease a few chapters of her next book. As she works at her craft, let’s hope her next book furthers the artistic journey that this book has barely begun.

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