Reflections of Duality

Mayan Aries

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In this metaphorical work, the author envisions an ideal world of ecological balance and psychic knowledge that can lead human beings to a higher consciousness of the interconnectedness of life.

Although the title page indicates this is fiction, the narrative reads as if it were nonfiction. The book’s protagonist shares the author’s name and the story is written in first person, giving it the feel of personal exploration. While there’s a slight narrative arc, those who overlook the title page are likely to be confused about the author’s intent.

The story centers on Mayan Aries, who, after a series of mysterious personal experiences including visions, voices, and past life memories, is drawn to work for the Ascension Masters, a company ostensibly dedicated to protecting the environment. The unusual revelations she encounters include the mysteries of the Mayan calendar, the correlation between color, music and days of the week, and a set of rules she names “the twelve universal laws.” Laden with this arcane wisdom, she finds that the Ascension Masters also has a clandestine purpose: “From the inside it was a top secret agency developing a new system of order, working to heal and preserve the planet and its inhabitants.”

Encouraged by AM operatives Commander Tom and GI Jane, and directed intuitively by ancient Mayans and aliens, she is given specific duties and becomes part of AM’s task force charged with stabilizing the solar system and saving Earth when Mayan calendar time ends on 12-21-2012.

Aries is advocating here for respect for the environment, natural healing, and regard for the wisdom of ancient peoples. This heavy agenda weighs down any storytelling elements. In addition, her book could have used more careful proofing, and her text has neither chapter divisions nor a timeline, making it a tedious read at times.

Reflections of Duality is likely to confound many readers with its unusual approach. Those interested the author’s brand of philosophy, however, may find ideas that resonate.

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