Rainbow Enterprise

Faye Rothstein

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 200 Price: (paperback) $19.99 ISBN: 9781479758760 Reviewed: April, 2013 Author Website: Visit »

Rainbow Enterprise is a novel about a woman who finds herself sexually liberated after the death of her husband.

The unnamed narrator, who takes on the pseudonym “Ms. Blaze,” is in an unhappy marriage when the novel begins. Her husband shows little interest in her sexually, and Ms. Blaze is lonely. But when Ms. Blaze’s husband kills himself because of his own dark secrets, she is free to join her friend Liz in satisfying their most ardent desires.

At its core, Rainbow Enterprise is a mix of escapist and erotic fiction. The main character has an active sex drive, satisfying it through various adventures. While the novel does have secondary storylines, the graphic eroticism is its main focus, so it’s worth noting that the book is for mature audiences only. The main character doesn’t seem to have much depth, and as a result, this isn’t a novel to pick up if you’re looking for a character-driven story. The plot also seems a bit aimless at points, coming together only with the main character’s various sexual encounters.

While the author’s intent was likely to provide an atmosphere of whimsy, the narrative instead seems disjointed and overly concerned with explicit descriptions of erotic encounters. The writing is choppy, which adds to the disconnected feeling of the novel; sentences such as, “He was like a sponge. He took everything in. His speech was improving,” are jarring and lack any natural flow. If you are looking for an erotic novel and aren’t too concerned with the issues mentioned, you might find this an escapist read, but otherwise, this might not be the novel for you.

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