Quincy Moves to the Desert

Camille Matthews

Publisher: Pathfinder Equine Publications Pages: 40 Price: (hardcover) $15.95 ISBN: 9780981924014 Reviewed: March, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

Quincy, the sweet and lovable red horse, is back with a big adventure in Quincy Moves to the Desert. This second picture book in a series by author Camille Matthews is beautifully Illustrated with oil paintings by Michelle Black. The first, Quincy Finds A New Home, published in 2009, was well received, winning several honors, including the Mom’s Choice Award.

Quincy lives in New York in a tan and white barn owned by George, who treats all the horses well. Quincy’s best friend and mentor is Beau, a slightly older brown horse. One day, Quincy and Beau’s owner, Cam, comes to the barn to talk to Beau. Quincy doesn’t hear what Cam has to say because he is distracted by the yummy oats and hay that arrive at the same time, but afterwards, he learns from Beau that they are going on a big, long trip to the desert.

Soon Beau and Quincy are loaded onto the biggest truck Quincy has ever seen and begin their trip, passing through nine states, where they meet all different breeds of horses and see them doing many different jobs. They encounter draft horses plowing fields in Pennsylvania, thoroughbreds racing in Kentucky, Standardbreds, Arabians, Appaloosas and many more. Finally, Beau and Quincy arrive in northern New Mexico at their new home.

Through this plot, children will learn about different breeds of horses and the tools needed to care for them. From Beau and Quincy’s experience, they will also see how change can be an exciting adventure and not something to fear.

A delightful book, Quincy Moves to the Desert Is a great read-aloud story for young children and appropriate for early independent readers. It is a charming addition to this new series for horse lovers.

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