Debby Throckmorton

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After a successful executive career, Debby Throckmorton found her true calling as a life coach. In PurposeFULLwork, she helps others chart a course to derive more meaning in life through satisfying work.

“This book adds a significant first step to the usual career development and job attainment process: getting in touch with the work that truly reflects you at your core,” notes the author. Aimed at a wide audience and filled with stories of people who found fulfillment, this book can help those who wonder if something is missing in life. The target audience is large; Throckmorton cites a 2013 University of Phoenix survey of working adults that states: “only 14 percent report that they are in their dream career.”

Throughout the book’s five sections, the author prods readers to consider their circumstances and beliefs, and discusses consequences and benefits of having a “PurposeFULL” life. It requires that we define, discover and pursue the work we are meant to do, often through coaching or self-discovery.

The author includes “Make It Real” exercises in each chapter to help readers learn how to change, build resilience, and let go of what is not working. These exercises, forms and charts will require a commitment of time and some self-discovery effort to be beneficial. Readers will want to make notes while reading, because while the book is detailed and well organized, it lacks an Index; readers may want to revisit a few concepts while self-coaching their way to personal fulfillment.

Certainly, retired and non-working people can also benefit from reading PurposeFULLwork, as it is a spiritual guide to greater awareness for all, not only an aid to those seeking meaningful work. It’s also an invitation to become more intuitive, with increased self-awareness, confidence, empowerment, and, of course, a strong sense of purpose.

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