Pregnancy is a “Real Mother!”

Jeffrey L. Zweig, MD

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A 40-year career delivering more than 8,000 babies is the foundation for Pregnancy is a” Real Mother!” by board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist and educator Jeffrey L. Zweig, MD. Leavened with humor and illustrated with dozens of photos and touching real-life anecdotes, this thorough book covers the range of baby bearing, from pregnancy to new baby care.

The author begins with a “quick start” chapter that details the basics: pregnancy testing, due dates, nutrition and exercise, prenatal classes and insurance. Illustrations and charts include a sample birth plan and maternal vaccination chart. Next, he explains prenatal care and common medical conditions such as leg swelling (edema), back pain (sciatica), and morning sickness.

Detailed chapters on labor and delivery, including C-sections, offer answers to common questions. For example: “But How Do I Know When I’m in Labor?” or “What Do I Do When Labor Starts?” Photos (reproduction could be clearer) create a real-time sense of the pregnancy journey:  catheters and fetal monitors, the delivery suite, obstetrical staff, and patients in varied stages of pregnancy.

Zweig, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies and infertility, also devotes chapters to special conditions, such as sexually transmitted diseases, obesity, diabetes, and other preexisting medical conditions that can affect pregnancies. Finally, he offers how-to information on postnatal medical issues, breastfeeding and new baby care and closes with amusing sections on “old wives and old obstetrician tales.” For example, Zweig relates how he delivered four babies from three mothers in 20 minutes!

The author interjects jokes throughout to lighten the tone. Readers’ appreciation for this depends on their affinity for comments such as: “Frequently, a family member of friend in the Birth room may exclaim to the nurses, ‘The baby is blue!’ The author then answers with this reassuring point, ‘Boys are blue and girls are pink!’” He’s a goofy but compassionate and knowledgeable guide.

Overall, Pregnancy is a “Real Mother!” is a solid medical resource — one sure to complement the bookshelf of any parent-to-be.

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