Pensamientos de vida (Life Thoughts)


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This work of Christian devotional literature comprises a series of prayerful reflections on Christian spiritual mysteries and life in general.

The short individual chapters—consisting of brief thoughts, prayers, and songs of praise collected almost in the form of a diary, often with the entry’s time and date included—cover a wide variety of pedestrian topics. The author begins with daybreak itself: “Al despertar la aurora, comienza una nueva mañana con luz y esperanza, ilusiones que se forman del interior del alma (As the dawn awakes, a new morning begins with light and hope, illusions which take shape within the soul)” and continues with reflections on the soul, angels, praise for the Creator, family life, poverty, and emotions.

Divine love and giving thanks are constant, if repetitive themes. Indeed, as the title clearly states, the author’s emphasis is on the concept of God as the source of all love. The text is also peppered with inspirational verses from Scripture.

As to weak points, there are a number of typographical errors and missing accents in words that appear often, such as mama (mamà) and papa (papà). These mistakes should have been fixed by a copy editor. Also, despite the author’s penchant for the poetic, simplistic sentences such as the following will distract readers, along with the mechanical errors: “El sol de la tarde está cayendo [sic] las aves comienzan a recogerse En sus nidos, [sic] Hoy ha sido un día poco caliente (The evening sun is setting [sic] the birds begin to settle in their nests, [sic] Today has been a day of little warmth).”

While theologically solid and uplifting, as such, the book will likely only appeal to non-discriminating Catholic and evangelic readers and is best used as a companion to prayer.

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