Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Nseobung Utuk

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In Overcoming Life’s Challenges, author N. George Utuk effectively presents practical everyday steps Christians can take to help them face today’s challenges. Using scripture references along with personal experiences, he skillfully touches the heart of our everyday lives.

Utuk is founder of the Word of Faith Ministries, Inc. and pastor of Abundant Life Word Fellowship in Eatonton, Georgia. According to the back of the book, he has been a motivational speaker for 40 years.

His book is divided into chapters, such as “Make Your Words Work for You,” “God Has a Plan for You,” and ”The Power of Faith over Fear.” Throughout, he advises the Christian reader to “declare your health, wealth, deliverance as promised in the Word of God and they will be yours in time.” He exhorts readers to train their minds to work for them, replace old doubts, fears, and hopelessness with new hope based on God’s promises and to expect things to change for the better. He encourages Christians to see themselves as prisoners of hope, not victims.

While the author addresses his advice to believers and nonbelievers alike, it would have helped had he been more specific about his audience. Nonbelievers will find it difficult to meet these challenges on their own, without the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. In addition, the author gives more credit to Satan than he scripturally deserves. (According to the Bible, a devoted Christian, walking well with the Lord, consistently realizes that God, not Satan, is in control.) Nonetheless, the book is filled with specific Bible based guidelines and instructions. It is well organized into logical chapters, and the author presents excellent advice every Christian needs to know and understand. His book is highly recommended for born-again, spirit-filled Christians.

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