Operational Blizzard: Counter Evil in Shadows of Public Trust

W Lloyd N Fernando

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W Lloyd N Fernando [sic] met a 42-year-old woman on a train in Australia on Sept. 17, 1996. They had a conversation, and then both got off in a suburb of Perth, where Fernando went home with the woman and had with her what he presumed was consensual sex. A month later, his boss told him a man matching his description was depicted on a Crime Stoppers television show and a woman claimed he’d had sex with her against her will.

Hearing this, Fernando voluntarily headed to the police to explain that they’d had consensual sex. Nevertheless, he claims he was falsely accused by the woman and tried for the crime, which led to his incarceration. This book offers his arguments and rebuttals to the accusations and aims to show how he was wronged in what he terms a “serious violation of justice” and corruption among the police and judicial system.

Fernando’s book offers details from his personal view of the circumstances as well as evidence he draws from conflicting testimony at the trial. Throughout, he uses boldface and highlights to emphasize crucial points and to prove that the woman continually changed her story when testifying. He admits that the book’s details of the disputed facts are often repeated. This fact causes the book to be overly windy in its explanation.

In addition, there are many spelling errors, such as “varginal” for “vaginal,” and “prohet” for “prophet,” as well as word usage errors–“she made it clear to me about her believes (sic) on sex.” On the plus side, Fernando appears to have sound documentation of the testimony given and includes many appendixes to verify statements.

Overall, this book might well serve to help Fernando prove his innocence. However, the book is poorly organized despite the flurry of facts, so would hold limited appeal to the general public.

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