Nourish the Flame Within

Lynette Avis and David Brown

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Renowned British writer, mystic, and psychedelics-fancier, Aldous Huxley, once said, “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” Taking this perspective, Lynette Avis and David Brown, co-authors of Nourish the Flame Within, have created a well-written, accessible and visually pleasing spiritual guidebook that leads readers to tap into both universal energy and their inner worlds.

The goal? To reach a higher, more expansive consciousness.

Primarily through the methods of meditation, martial arts and Reiki (a technique for relaxation and healing administered by “laying on hands”), the co-authors set the groundwork for exploring multitudinous levels of human potential.

These two are well-suited to offer such esoteric lessons. Avis, who pursues a spiritual right-brain approach, is a Reiki master and spirit medium, while Brown, who studied Zen Buddhism and martial arts, looks at the science supporting their view, specifically physics. Referring to Einstein’s E=mc2, in Chapter One, for example, Brown writes, “It points to the reality that matter, and the means by which matter interacts, are all manifestations of energy.”

Despite this high-IQ explanation, the book never gets hung up in brainiac games. Instead, it’s onward to student-friendly exercises, including methods for simple meditations or more advanced techniques needed to achieve “Direct Communication with Spirit Energy” or the “Universal Connection to the Collective Consciousness.” Reiki methods are also covered along with a meaty description of the “Seven Major Chakra Points” and instructions on how to work within these chakras to release the body’s energy. Plus, the guidebook is chockfull of attractive photographs, as well as colorful charts and illustrations, which enhance the information.

This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding and receiving practical instruction on how to explore and use energy to improve their lives and expand their consciousness. Not only will the flame within be nourished – it’s likely to ignite a wildfire of the soul.

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