Never Too Old to Live: Always Too Young to Die

Jerry Rhoads

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Jerry Rhoads has read self-help books by authors such as Deepak Chopra and frequently consults The Secret by Rhonda Byrne for inspiration to live a healthy, happy life. His goal is to reach an advanced age while staying productive. He is currently applying his experience as a consultant in the nursing home industry to his business venture involving care centers that will “restore the elderly and disabled back to functionality,” an idea he hopes to franchise.

In Never Too Old to Live, Rhoads shares advice on everything from exercise and diet to positive thinking and helping others. He writes about finding a good relationship, which he has with his wife of 52 years, and claims if you take his 10-week journey to health, you will feel younger than your years.

The book is a slender 90 pages, with the text spaced in odd ways. There are random lists of bulleted items, paragraphs in all caps for no apparent reason, and a six-page list of the oldest people on record in the middle of a chapter. Stop-sign emblems appear sporadically, most containing the words “STOP START SIGN” (does this mean readers should stop bad habits and start good ones?; it’s not clear). Tacked onto the end of each chapter is a list of exercises, repeated verbatim each time.

The writing is sometimes wise, such as when he says, “Children are never looking for better…they are looking for fun and a good time…as we grow old from stress, we have forgotten that formula.” However, Rhoads does not have the background in counseling or medicine that self-help gurus Wayne Dyer and Andrew Weil, respectively, have. Neither does he have the ability to present his thoughts understandably. The book also needs proofreading, which would have eliminated misspellings like “decrypted” for “decrepit.”

For the most part, his well-intended messages are lost in the medium; few will want to muddle through this disorganized material to discern his advice.

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