Mystical Faery Folk: Look for the Signs

Joy Lynette Smith

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Fairies have long fascinated humans, despite (or because of) centuries of varying descriptions and a notable absence of proof. Joy Lynette Smith has created a book of photographs and poetry based on her own meetings with members of the Devic Realms and Fairy Kingdoms, Mystical Faery Folk: Look for the Signs.

The book is structured in a repeating pattern, with a poem on one page, and a corresponding circular-framed photo on the next. The photographs are mostly pleasant nature images, with a few fairy images of lesser quality sprinkled in (a girl in a fairy costume, a spiritual-looking woman in silhouette), as well. Smith offers instructions on how to find fairies’ secret locations, recounting her discoveries in Australia and France, as she does in the poem “Giant Willow – Faery Kingdom”: “Massive trunks spread wide in all directions/Above and below in the water’s reflections/Confused I listened for a sound/And noticed Faery Folk all around…”

There are similar passages throughout the book, but the Faery Folk always recede to the spiritual, which can make the book seem like a bit of a tease. Smith’s knowledge of forests is impressive, however, and it provides a firm foundation for her many poems involving specific types of woodland spirits: “Yew Tree Faery,” “Underwood Faery,” “Red Geranium Faery,” and others.

With a heavy reliance on end rhymes, the book’s poetry isn’t particularly innovative, but, combined with the photos, it does invite readers to a pleasant virtual tour of the woods Smith has traveled. A firm belief in unseen fairies inhabiting those woods underlies this nature tour, and might preclude unbelievers or non-fantasy-minded readers from fully engaging in the experience. But those who trust that fairies exist, or enjoy flights of fancy, might find Mystical Faery Folk worth seeking out.

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