My Prayer Life

Glynn Owen Jones

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“How far in life will prayer take a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ?” Author Glynn Owen Jones admits that this question is impossible to answer, but judging from the stories he relates in My Prayer Life, talking to God on a daily basis can lead to a very beautiful life indeed.

This short little book with a big heart was prompted by a 2010 conversation Jones had with his granddaughter Clare, who asked him to write down his thoughts about his faith. In 64 pages, Jones provides testimony of how God influenced and affected his day-to-day life.

We are offered glimpses of Jones through various stages of spiritual development: as a young man of 17 coming into his own and working in a cotton mill; as a soldier in the Armed Forces who refuses to compromise his Christian morals; as a husband devoted to his sweetheart Shirley and their children; and as a man whose compassion leads him to minister to prisoners at Strangeways, a dangerous, high-security male prison in Manchester, England. Each of these experiences is a mirror that reflects God’s great glory. The best way to see the importance of these reflections, he notes, is through deep and constant prayer.

Jones has a simple, unpretentious prose style, and though the book is a fast read, it is in need of solid editorial assistance to clean up grammatical problems, misspellings, and to help direct the author to flesh out certain passages, such as his time spent serving the incarcerated.

Still, the book is an endearing portrait of an Everyman’s faith, and though Jones’ intent was never to set out to teach anyone anything in this book, many would benefit from this tenacious spiritual seeker’s commitment to his devotion.

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