My Endless Journey

T. T. Touray

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A life journey can be literal, from place to place, or a metaphor for challenges faced and overcome. Author T.T. Touray may be young, but she’s experienced both. My Endless Journey chronicles her journeys between continents, and from sickness to health.

Touray moved from Gambia to Alaska with her family when she was a young girl. Despite its vast differences from the home she had known, she took to her new setting happily as her family reached for the American dream. At 21, she fell and incurred a concussion that led to doctors finding a brain tumor. Treatment and recovery followed, and while both were difficult, Touray emphasizes how lucky she is that the cancer was caught before it spread and offers positive suggestions to readers about family, success, and finding one’s purpose in life.

It’s uncertain whether Touray’s illness or possibly learning English as a second language contribute to the difficulties with the writing here, but the narrative can be challenging to follow. Many misspellings combine with repetitive run-on sentences to often leave readers in the dark. For example: “If we don’t have dreams or goals we wouldn’t be able to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, jury’s [sic], teachers, military personally, firefights [sic], polices offices [sic], and so many more all of that because of ourselves, if we don’t have ourselves it would be hard for us to achieve all of that.”

Touray wants to encourage optimism, help the disadvantaged in Africa and improve the world she lives in — all noble goals. This book is too muddled to further her cause, but with serious revision and thorough editing, her story could make an impact. My Endless Journey is rough going, but Touray’s generosity is vivid despite the tangled language.

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