Mr. Always Right, Until Along Came a Woman

Michael Edwards

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In an underdog story with a twist, Mr. Always Right, Until Along Came a Woman centers on Thomas Kearney, the “youngest bank president in history.”

After the 2008 banking collapse, the young man who once lived in the penthouse atop Chicago’s Ritz Carlton is living in a tiny Southside apartment. The only remnants of his former life are a Rolex watch, a few expensive suits, a Mercedes, and Thomas’ above average intelligence, arrogant demeanor, and love for his old flame, Renee. Always hopeful and ready to capitalize on any opportunity that presents itself, Thomas’ luck changes one fateful day at Cog Hill golf course when he recommends a club to golfer Johnny Alders. This starts a chain of events that eventually puts Thomas back on the top of the world.

This is a story of resilience, of what an intelligent man can accomplish with a little luck, a lot of skill, and the type of attitude that demands people’s respect and attention. It delivers wry, witty humor, a strong cast of supporting characters, and the all-important underdog story.

Yet, despite these strengths, the book struggles to establish a strong connection with readers. Egotistical and rude, Thomas is an unlikeable character. Although he redeems himself slightly with his chivalrous, even sweet, interactions with Renee, readers will find it difficult to become invested in the rise of this mostly unpleasant man.

Additionally, the story’s flow is often interrupted by stiff dialogue (“I hope you two can make it to the car before you do something that would cause Jack to do something primeval on the golf course”) and unnecessary details, such as a constant rundown of what the characters are wearing (style, brand, etc.) and drinking.

While the storyline has much potential, such issues hamper enjoyment. Ultimately readers will find it hard to stay engaged as Thomas Kearney climbs back up the broken ladder of success and does everything in his power to get the girl.

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