Mommy and Daddy Will

Mike Jaffe

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Mommy and Daddy Will is an impressionistic picture book and poem that seeks to articulate the profound depth of parents’ love for their children. Written by Mike Jaffe and joyfully illustrated by his two young children, this book is a celebration of the magic of family.

Jaffe’s short rhyming poem thoughtfully tells its audience that a parent’s love and support are forever, twin rocks that children can rely on as they grow, develop and step out into the big world beyond the nursery. We’re told that on good days and bad, children will forever be the apple of their daddy’s eye. In the evening, while kids are drifting off to sleep, the mood is silent and calm because mothers everywhere are watching over their offspring with unconditional love.

Jaffe reminds his readers that nothing a child can do will erase these all-encompassing, powerful emotions, a notion all children will find comforting and nurturing. Even a child’s pout or anger can’t diminish or damage it.

Mommy and Daddy Will is an intimate valentine to the author’s children, and to children everywhere. But while the emotion of this work is unimpeachable and profound, its imagery is not always crystal clear (“Our love will be stronger than the biggest rock,” for example) and the rhymes are sometimes labored (“dove”/”think of”). That said, the book’s design is simple and clean, and the children’s free-form illustrations are moving and colorful, if they don’t always match the sentiment given on each page.

While the above issues may limit the book’s appeal to a wide audience, it will surely be cherished by the Jaffe family children, in particular, for generations to come.

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