Mirror, Mirror: Reflections of Self

Larry Robinson

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If you’d like to make positive changes in your life, Mirror, Mirror: Reflections of Self, a “365-Day Life Journal,” is a serious effort to help you better understand your feelings and behaviors and lead you toward emotional growth.

Created by certified counselor Larry Robinson, founder of Mindful Thinking, a reality-based coaching and therapeutic practice in Lynn, Massachusetts, the journal takes the reader through a daily process of self-reflection. Space to write answers to assignments based on the substantial motivational messages is provided at the end of each selection – reflections the author believes can lead to life changes.

Robinson points out that the topics he covers are those a majority of individuals can benefit from. They range from making relationships work, to setting personal goals, recognizing personal fears and becoming more mindful in daily living. Readers have an opportunity to write a letter to their parents (living or deceased) or reflect on their own parenting skills. Living in the past and loneliness vs. being alone are also among the range of topics covered in a nonjudgmental, supportive manner.

The book helps readers look into a mirror and learn how to move beyond the static or dysfunctional image they may see reflected. Many of the messages require serious introspection, but a sense of playfulness permeates the pages as well. “What kind of a fighter are you?” the author asks, or “What habit would another person have a difficult time living with?”

The journal begins at January 1, but readers can start it at any date. And although some of the anecdotes that illustrate the messages appear contrived, the daily themes with their assignments can create a pathway toward emotional health that readers seeking self-improvement will find valuable.

Also available in hardcover.

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