Mercy Reigns in the Journey of Faith

Dani Mkhwananzi

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Dani Mknwananzi, a graduate of Harvest Bible College in Australia, has written a wonderful exposition on the life of Moses, interspersing within these ten chapters some of her personal testimony. Although the back-cover text would lead prospective readers to believe the book is about her life, it actually focuses more on the biblical principles that can be extracted from the faith journey of Moses, the reluctant leader of the Hebrews in captivity in Egypt.

The name Mkhwananzi was given at birth, Sidanisile, means “disappointment.” Due to that fact,  she writes, “I grew up with an inferiority complex and very low self-esteem.” She was also scarred by the traumatic events of her childhood, youth, and early adult life—events that included sexual abuse, being drugged and raped repeatedly at age 12, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, a bizarre encounter with an African “traditional healer,” and more. Yet, when she understood that God accepted her and didn’t see her as a disappointment, but as a beloved daughter, her life was changed. She had hope.

She writes about how God, similarly, used Moses—who had been a huge disappointment to himself, his people, and the household of Pharaoh where he was raised—to stand up for Israel and convince Pharaoh to release them from captivity and bondage. Moses succeeded, not because of his eloquence, preparedness, “goodness,” or talents. Rather, his faith in the power of God turned him into a great hero. Mkhwananzi reminds readers that we, too, have access to this same power to live a life of victory over our circumstances and bad choices.

The book is a short, pleasant read, written in a conversational style. The prose flows well and keeps readers engaged. The author’s personal story is seamlessly integrated, appearing at appropriate moments, and not over emphasized. Christians who appreciate strong Bible-based material and powerful personal testimonies will enjoy Mercy Reigns in the Journey of Faith.

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