Mary the Seventh Girl: Extraordinary Miracles in an Ordinary Life

Mary A. Johnson

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The number seven is believed to be God’s perfect number, representing completion. Mary Johnson believes that being the seventh daughter in her family has given her special connection to the divine.

In Mary the Seventh Girl, Johnson shares over 65 accounts of miracles and supernatural visitations she experienced. She attributes these extraordinary events to her devotion to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it’s her mission to encourage others in the Catholic faith.

A “cradle Catholic since birth,” Johnson chose early on a life of prayer. At the age of 12, after praying for and witnessing the healing of her mother’s leg, Mary embraced her unique spiritual position as a seventh child. She began to notice that she knew things before they happened—such as relatives coming over unannounced—and specific prayers being answered in exact ways. With refreshing humility, Johnson states that she herself does “not have any power.”  The power, she believes, comes from Jesus.

Johnson’s dedication to prayer ties together each account of the phenomena in her life, and her childlike faith will encourage readers to “talk to Christ” about “what is in [their] hearts.”  Yet, the stand-alone chapters feel a bit disjointed. This book may have served well as a devotional with relevant Scriptures added to each story, but it reads like a compilation of meandering journal entries with no clear destination. The text also presents a sprinkling of grammatical errors — fortunately they don’t distract from the intriguing tales. Near the end, the book takes a bizarre turn as Johnson focuses on how strange lights signify the presence of the spirits of Christ and Mary. However, it seems more likely that they emanate from stained glass windows or another source.

While Johnson’s contribution is distinctly Catholic in theology, she may inspire curiosity in non-Catholics to seek the benefits of devotion to Jesus and the Blessed Virgin. Anyone interested in firsthand accounts of miracles will also find this book enjoyable.

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