Man’s Destiny

Colin Leach

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Bringing together insights on the Bible, science, world history, pyramids, UFOs, end times theology and world history, Colin Leach seeks to address a series of big questions about the origins, meaning and purpose of human life in Man’s Destiny.

Along the way, Leach seeks to set the record straight on numerous global developments (the Big Bang, World War II, Einstein’s theories of gravity) that he believes have been misunderstood, providing readers with a number of intriguing Da Vinci Code moments, as well as many moments of confusion about the book’s thesis and its factual basis.

In the introduction, Leach argues that two important things happened on Aug. 20 1953: the USSR exploded the first H-bomb and the Earth entered the Age of Aquarius. “This conjunction could not have been coincidental because certain factors came together at exactly the right moment to save mankind.” Throughout the remainder of the book, such non-coincidental conjunctions are seen as evidence that God has a plan—actually a detailed blueprint—for humanity.

Only a very few of the book’s many unusual assertions are supported. Often, self-referential statements like this one about periodic global mass extinctions, substitute for evidence: “Proof that God engineered these extinctions is the fact that they fitted in perfectly with His plan.”

Along the way, we learn that during the Israelites’ exile in Egypt, God instructed them within the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza; that Islamist terrorists are on the side of the Devil in the battle of Armageddon, and that contact with intelligent life forms in other galaxies is right around the corner.

Readers who embrace Leach’s varied ideas will find this a fun and challenging read. Others may be left wondering what these ideas contribute to our understanding of life’s meaning and destiny.

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