Man Runs for Dear Life

Ibharobe Innocent Amedu

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In Man Runs for Dear Life, Ibharobe Innocent Amedu tells the fascinating tale of his own life. Born in Nigeria to a Muslim family, he is forced by his father at the age of 12 to be initiated into a satanic cult. To join this secret cult, he must drink human blood, eat human flesh, and endure a terrifying spiritual experience. Once a member, he is required to do whatever cult members require of him—even killing. And he is also required, under threat of death, to be part of the cult “family” for life.

Amedu eventually leaves to attend the university, where he has three roommates who are Christians. Through their kind influence, he attends a crusade and becomes a born-again Christian. That’s when Amedu decides he wants to leave the cult but must pay for his newfound freedom by being relentlessly pursued by cult members.

Throughout the story, Amedu gives a peek into life inside his Nigerian community. Conflict, death, and lawlessness are rampant, but familial bonds are strong.

Although Amedu has an important story to tell, this book’s overall quality will hamper it from reaching a wide audience. The narrative reads as if the author does not speak English well and didn’t’ hire an editor to help him smooth over the rough edges. Several words are used incorrectly and the story, though slim, delves frequently into unrelated tangents. The book also has no real ending, stopping abruptly mid-story with no conclusion.

The author would do well to consider this disjointed version a first draft and then hire a ghostwriter and editor to rewrite the story in a more readable form, as his story is well worth telling.

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