Love and Life

Angelina Lorenzo

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 49 Price: (paperback) $10.16 ISBN: 9781466965461 Reviewed: February, 2013 Author Website: Visit »

Written by a teenager for other teenagers, Love & Life features 25 short poems (printed on every other page) about deception, rejection, and unrequited love. The author says she hopes to “get into the minds of her readers” to let them know “they are not alone.” Indeed, this chapbook includes subjects typical of late-night telephone calls between best friends and high school cafeteria confidences.

More about “love” than “life,” these poems apparently reflect the author’s suffering from a painful romantic breakup. Lorenzo articulates her despair in this cathartic collection of in-the-moment poems capturing the drama and immediacy of youth. Although her feelings come across clearly, word choice often lacks precision. For example, in “There Are Things” Lorenzo writes: “There are things one’s eye can’t see / There are things one’s eye seeks to mention / The things one’s heart seems to love.”

In the similarly themed “My Life,” she again writes: “There are things in life that we deserve / The things in life that we want / There are things in [sic] that you got.” The collection concludes with “Those People,” an optimistic poem about friendship written by City Santiago. No explanation is provided about the inclusion of this seemingly unrelated poem.

The language in Love & Life is generally lackluster and devoid of vivid imagery with frequent errors in spelling and word usage. For instance, in “Without You,” Lorenzo writes, “The moon is no longer glows / I feel a emptiness; a loner / I do not have who to love / Without you neither the world nor me are the same.” The lack of an introduction and any chronological or sequential order also detract from reading enjoyment in this heartfelt, though ultimately disappointing, chapbook.

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