Living the Good Life

Betty Shaffer

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In Living the Good Life, Betty Shaffer examines ten ways Christians can deepen their relationship with God and enrich their spiritual lives.

In this brief, self-described “drive-through book,” Shaffer encourages Christian readers to work daily on self-improvement. Her first chapter centers on a basic salvation message, which she uses as a springboard for subsequent chapters that cover topics like loving our family, prayer, self-care, thankfulness, compassion and more. Her goal is to help readers pinpoint neglected areas in life where they feel they have pulled away from God and Christian responsibilities.

Shaffer’s gentle, sympathetic tone is uplifting as she acknowledges that we all will fail at times. She believes, however, that “when we pick up ourselves, turn to His mercy and grace…God welcomes us home.” She states that “the important factor is the daily walk with God and seeking God’s presence in your life,” which is an “ongoing process.”

Shaffer writes with the kindness and compassion of a dear friend from church. She disarms readers by readily admitting her own shortcomings, such as feeling “alone and abandoned” and that “some days it is an effort to just keep…moving forward.” Her work is more of a friendly encouragement than scholarly exegesis, which is apparent from the first page where she incorrectly states that Adam and Eve ate “from the Tree of Life” (it should be “from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”).

Shaffer would have made a stronger impact had she included an introduction explaining the reasons behind her writing. Instead, she jumps in with a salvation message and moves along at breakneck speed toward the finish. Some readers may have preferred a slower pace with more examples and personal stories from Shaffer to bolster her topics.

Nonetheless, the author’s encouraging words and personal checklists may help Christian readers fill in the gaps in their daily walk with God.

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