Living in Christ

Daniel Lynch

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When it comes to numbers of those who espouse religious beliefs, the U.S. ranks among the world’s highest. But Gallup surveys show that while our religiosity may be a mile wide, it is only an inch deep.

“So many of us have asked Jesus to come into our life as our Lord and Savior,” writes author Dan Lynch, “and, yet, continue to go through our day to day routines totally unaware of His INDWELLING Presence. If we are truly, ABIDING IN HIM as HE ABIDES IN US, we should find ourselves walking with Him EVERY MINUTE of the day!”

As this brief sample illustrates, Lynch is passionate about confronting believers’ spiritual shallowness, but this passion expresses itself in pages that are a riot of non-standard grammar, capital letters and exclamation points. His zeal for spiritual renewal is evident. Less clear is what readers should do to develop the kind of intimate relationship with Christ that Lynch advocates. Chapters such as “THE PROGRESSIVE STATE OF BECOMING,” bring little clarity.

Much of the book fails to rise above the level of vague generalities and clichés, and in some portions, Lynch seems to overstate his claims, such as the chapter about the necessity of praising God: “Every weight will drop off, every demon will flee, every disease will vanish …. if we just PRAISE Him!”

For centuries, spiritual leaders have encouraged Christians to spiritual maturity, but Lynch doesn’t quote a single book or sermon from the past 20 centuries, although he praises Christian television for “teaching the Word twenty-four hours a day.” Readers serious about digging beneath the surface of faith would do better to turn off the TV and seek out spiritual classics such as Thomas à Kempis’s The Imitation of Christ, or Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God, both of which provide more solid spiritual advice than Lynch’s well-intentioned but flawed effort.

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