Lighten Up, America

Lisa Clark, MD

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Lighten Up America’s expert author, a family practitioner whose work with patients inspired this book, provides an excellent overview for those learning about and figuring out how to deal with excess weight. In addition to covering every phase of life, from childhood to the 70s and beyond, and ranging in topic from men to menopause, this book provides helpful tidbits and specific suggestions for managing your weight using clear, concise explanations.

Dr. Lisa Clark cuts through the mumbo-jumbo and hype about various diets and miracle solutions, offering practical advice and medical insights readers might not get elsewhere. Those concerned about thyroid disease causing weight gain, for example, will find specifics on symptoms as well as types of hormones found in the bloodstream that serve as indicators. The author also discusses, among other topics, postpartum weight gain, weight management during menopause and, in one chapter, weight issues specific to men.

The author’s calm, conversational and accepting tone — for instance, that “baby weight” often takes several months or more to lose and that women past menopause can expect to gain a few pounds — makes the text easy to swallow, even for the most self-critical reader.

The book is not without its quirks, including the lengthy subtitle (“Odds and not so [sic] Fat Ends….FROM THE FAMILY PRACTICE DIARIES, BOOK 1”), which begs the questions: What are the “Family Practice Diaries”? And when is “Book 2” coming out? And while the author has a workmanlike grasp of the language, a good line edit would help eliminate repeated words, such as the use of “calories” six times in one paragraph on page 10 and occasional unnecessary diversions.

Still, case studies, patient success stories and even a handy place for notes in the back of the book make it an invaluable companion for anyone wanting a practical, lifelong approach to losing weight, from five pounds to 50 or more.

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